Judith Lynn Plotz Brannigan
CEO, Specialty Consulting International, Inc.
Meet Judith Lynn Plotz Brannigan, CEO of Specialty Consulting International, Inc.

Judith Lynn Plotz Brannigan is an authority on health care and employee benefits consulting services. As the chief executive officer of Specialty Consulting International, Inc., Ms. Plotz Brannigan displays a keen expertise in business administration, and can help your company control health care costs. She educates those with whom she works on different types of coverage, and helps them choose the services that will benefit them.


Ms. Plotz Brannigan and Speciality Consulting International, LLC specialize in unique and unusual medical and employee benefit challenges. She implements medical benefits, and helps companies and consumers select coverage options that are the most beneficial. Her skills and proficiency in the area granted Ms. Plotz Brannigan the opportunity to design Exxon Corporation’s employee assistance program with Dr. Stockman in 1986, and work on the Health Alliance Plan for the Ford Motor Company in 1980. She is pleased to continue to aid in the development of plans for companies nationwide.

Judith Lynn Plotz Brannigan, CEO of Specialty Consulting International, Inc. Offers Consulting Services on Health Care and Employee Benefits. She Provides Top-Notch Services in the Employee Health Care Benefit Consulting Industry, and is Glad to Help Employers Find Ground-Breaking and Cost-Efficient Employee Benefits Solutions.

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